Post, pay, fly.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines makes it possible for consumers to confirm and pay their flight by using social media.

As first airline in the world, KLM has developed a method of payment which enables consumers to pay via social media. KLM has a team of 130 employees who are specialized in social media, are connected with customers through Twitter and Facebook and who give answer around 35.000 queries a week. Via these social media canals consumers can speak out their preference about departure/arrival time and day and KLM will do the rest. When they have found the perfect flight for this consumer they will share it with you via a personal Twitter or Facebook message. A private link in this message enables to complete the payment and one message later you’ll get another message to confirm the payment has been received. By this service you don’t have to navigate to the website anymore. It takes maybe a little longer than if you do it by yourself, but the service is awesome.

KLM Meet & Seat
KLM has developed earlier a way to involve their consumers by means of social media. KLM Meet & Seat offers the opportunity to choose your seat next to a person with an interesting (LinkedIn)profile.

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